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25 Money-Making Tips For Preparing Your Home To Sell

by Jack Lees

 If you desire to sell your home for top dollar, and in YOUR time frame, you need to do two things: 1) Get control of your personal emotions about your home, and 2) Place yourself in the shoes of potential buyers.  Look at your home the way they would, and make it appealing in the right areas.  I know putting your “homeowner emotions” aside may be tough to do.  It’s the place where you raised your children.  The place where you hold countless memories like….Thanksgiving dinners, family reunions, birthdays, anniversaries and more.  Try not to let these emotions get in the way of a prudent sale.  The tips and suggestions in this article will help.

First…Here are six problems your home may have that can instantly turn buyers off:

  1. The first area of concern is home odors.  Homeowners become desensitized to the odors in their homes.  This is particularly true of pet owners and smokers.

  2. Carpet and flooring is one of the most visible areas of your home.  Dirty and worn flooring should be replaced.  High quality flooring can bring you a premium price.

  3. Paint and Walls.  Paint is one of the least expensive ways to “spruce up” your home.  Consider painting outside trim and interior walls and doors.

  4. Get rid of clutter.  Excess clutter is a big buyer turn-off.  You have to move anyway, so you might as well start packing those nick-knacks, furniture, pictures, hangings etc.

  5. Signs of rodents, roaches, spiders or bees.  If you have any of these symptoms, you should immediately contact a local pest control company.

  6. Poor landscaping.  If your landscaping is messy, overgrown, or looks cluttered in any way, you need to fix it.

There’s no doubt about it first impressions count with buyers.  That’s why I prepared this list of 25 quick and inexpensive things you can do to prepare your home for sale.

Get into your car and drive away from your home.  Drive towards your home the way a potential buyer would.  Notice your first impressions of your home?  Is the landscaping well groomed?  How about the driveway and curb?  Can you easily see the architecture of the home, or is it blocked by trees and bushes.  Notice your roof?  Make a list of items that need attention.

Paint or stain your front door and mailbox.

Manicure the front lawn and sweep the sidewalks and driveways.

Trim trees or shrubs that obscure you home from view.

Add color to the yard with flowers.

Clean gutters and downspouts.

Organize the garage so it looks clean and roomy.

Add doormats at all entrances.

Arrange the yard furniture attractively.

Keep pet areas fresh and clean.

Keep pool clean and have pool sweep operating.

Install higher wattage light bulbs throughout the house to make rooms warmer and brighter.  Turn on all lights and open the drapes for every showing.

Brighten the interiors with a fresh coat of light-toned paint.

Clean the fireplace and stock it with fresh logs.

Vacuum and dust frequently.

Tidy up bedrooms, make beds and put clothes away.

Put away the children’s toys.

Straighten all closets.

Clean kitchen cabinets and pantry.  Make them look neat and spacious.

Clear kitchen counters, including small appliances.

Polish tubs, toilets, sinks and mirrors so they sparkle.

Display fresh flowers.

Bake cookies (the aroma makes everyone feel “at home”).

Play soft music on the stereo.

Look at your house through “Buyers” eyes.

There is a little known secret about home-buyers that you need to know.  People buy homes based on the EMOTIONAL FEELINGS they get from the house.  They fall in love, for example, with the kitchen or the master bedroom.  While they’re viewing your home, they are visualizing in their mind’s eye what it would be like to live there…the backyard barbecues they’ll host or the Sunday dinners with family and friends.  It’s all about emotions and if your home doesn’t feel right, they will quickly lose interest.

By dressing the interior or your home right, you’ll encourage your buyers to stay.  People buy with their eyes, ears and noses and the longer they stay in your home, the greater the likelihood of an offer.

For more information on this topic or any of your real estate needs, contact Jack Lees at TLC Realty in Woodland Hills.  You can call direct at 818 262-0924 or visit his web site at

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