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The Truth about Mail-In Ballots


The President is being blamed for another incident and this time it’s not funding the postal service.  Here are the facts you should be aware of.

The postal service is controlled by the States

The postal service has been losing money for decades because poorly run and Union rules.

Five hundred million pieces of mail were delayed during 6 months of the Obama presidency

Mailboxes with less than 25 pieces of mail per day are removed

 2011-2016, during the Obama-Biden presidency, 14,000 mailboxes were removed

Absentee ballots have been having problems for years.  In 2018, 8.2% of ballots not counted due to errors.

Ballots must arrive by election day.  The New York Primary took 6 weeks to determine ballot count.

Few call the election office when moving and two ballots are sent out.

In Neveda, 250,000 ballots were returned undeliverable

With mail-in ballots, party activists can go home to home and force people to vote as in senior homes.

In person voting has been in effect for decades.  You show up, show I.D. and vote one time.  Why change now

A constitutional crisis is at risk.  Nancy Pelosi wants crisis to she can take over as President by January 20

Biden has hired 600 volunteer lawyers to handle problem if they lose the election.

Liberals will insist on re-count and flood the courts with lawsuits.  Over 150 lawsuits have already been filed.

All we can ask for is a fair election where registered voters will have their voice.  May the best person(s) win and hopefully peace on earth will exist.

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